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Agency Life

Alban - Lead Developer
March 07, 2019

Once again, AutoWebbb wants to highlight a member of his team today. Alban explains what is a Lead Developper but also the specificities of the job.


Hello Alban! Can you explain your job?

My job as a Lead Developer at AutoWebbb consists in a variety of different things. First of all, for every new web project, I’m in charge of choosing the technology we will use throughout its conception. To do that, I need to stay very aware of what is going on and the latest web trends, while taking in consideration the tools we are already using. I also manage the other developers by helping them when they have certain issues or by showing them specific ‘techniques’ for them to be more efficient when developing. I also make sure the code stays clean and maintainable in the long term for potential modifications later.


Can you give us your opinion on what the Web allows today for a company, and the importance of the web development?

I think the Web nowadays isn’t just about simple websites like it used to be a few years ago. It enables a company to re-invent itself and stay up to date. Web development (and other types of development) is more and more important, as it allows to create new ways of life, with smart devices for example, or even bring new solutions with artificial intelligence for example, which is slowly playing a bigger part in our lives. I have to always keep on track with the latest technologies and give the best suggestions to our customers after talking it through with our project manager and our customer’s management team.


Do you have a link with the motorsport?

I actually wasn’t a motorsport fan initially, but to be honest it is an area I’m interested in even though I wouldn’t necessarily go have car races on my own (laughs). I do have to admit however that it allowed me to improve my knowledge on the topic and it’s an environment I enjoy working in. In terms of work and development for AutoWebbb, we tend to collaborate with brands and manufacturers related to some big championships, which is why web services need to be stellar, and I’m sure user interactivity will become more important in the near future.


Which projects would you like to work with AutoWebbb?

I don’t like certain projects better than others, but I love technical challenges. Being able to confront myself to new things is very important for me as a developer, which is why you have to always know about the latest technologies. Personally, I do prefer working on ‘back’ development and what the user doesn’t see, setting up the whole architecture of an app to make it easy to use for developers and the final user is what I enjoy the most.


Thank you Alban!

Your welcome!