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See AutoWebbb’s makeover!
March 08, 2019

Let’s change it up and only keep the best part!


New direction for AutoWebbb. We updated our whole marketing strategy in order to showcase more clearly our activity as a 360-degree agency specialized in motor sport. Through three different statements, you will get insight into the conception or our own project.

Julien, our art director, explains the graphic design aspect. Alban, lead developper, talks about the technology he chose for the project. Finally, Armand, AutoWebbb’s general director, will elaborate on the marketing side.


“The agency’s development happened on many different levels. The message conveyed by our previous website didn’t really reflect what we do anymore, so it was only logical for us to want this radical makeover. We first took the opportunity to re-write the agency’s project. It is now divided into three key departments: production, communication and events. These three services are intertwined and were built to meet 100% of any marketing and communication need, whether it’s intended for a brand or any other entity related to motor sports. It was our goal from the very beginning and more precisely since Nathan Guigui and I became associates in 2015: we wanted to become a renowned 360-degree agency and experts of our micro market. We launched a very clean and simple website to make our message clearer, and we sincerely hope it will allow you to understand who we are and what we do.”

Armand Faure, General Director & Associate


“We wanted to get directly to the core of who we are when re-designing AutoWebbb’s website. We played the minimalism card to make our identity more modern, with the help of new typographies for instance, but also by getting rid of everything that was unnecessary and made our identity look dated. This is apparent in the interface of our new website, which is more precise and current, but more importantly, it is more intuitive and user friendly, with the content being emphasized over the form.”

Julien, Art Director


“For the development of the agency’s new website, we chose to use a recent technology that is gaining momentum in web development as it is both ergonomic and fast: Vue.js. On top of that, we added a headless CMS, which allows us to change the appearance of the whole website very easily and not be stopped we have new marketing ideas because of any kind of limit on a technology level. We also use continuous deployment so that we can make the addition of certain functionalities and modifications automatic.”

Alban, Lead Developer