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Elodie - Office et Account Manager
January 01, 2020

What is your background?

A journey of surprises!

I spent 27 years in Toulouse where I grew up, studied, and evolved. From college, I already wanted to work in hotels and restaurants! As soon as I got my Hospitality and Catering diploma, I went to a Tourism diploma.

And hello working life! I spent 2 years in an Apartment-Hotel and then took a position as executive assistant with one of the most important leaders of the French economic landscape. Being alongside of such an inspiring, efficient and self-taught president has forged my character and my professional conscience. I learned the most through this training experience!

After working there for 5 years, I wanted to start different challenges by listening to my affinities in other areas. After several tests, I set foot in the car racing industry by taking a position as an executive assistant with a market entrepreneur.

This small company has allowed me to be on all fronts and develop new skills. From the administrative management of the company, to commercial support, communication and the organization of championships, the missions have been very diverse.

As I discovered this new world, I wanted to start my own business to develop the attractiveness of this sport. A very good test to show me that I still need some luggage and I found them at AutoWebbb.

So here I am!


What is your personal challenge by strating at AutoWebbb?

Being part of a structure that wants to become a major global entity in its market is an ambitious project that motivates me! There is a real connection between my current personal aspirations and the evolution of the agency. We share the same passion, the same ideas and values and we want to take this discipline higher, which also changes with time.

I will be able to let my determination live, express my experience and continue to learn!


What is your connection to cars and motorsport?

My dad worked in the car industry for a long time and was always passionate. And yet I passed my license very late! These were buried memories that woke up and life opportunities that brought me back to this discipline.

Then I set foot on the racing circuits, discovering the issues, the challenges, the adrenaline and the range of emotions that it provides!

I caught the virus but we'll say it's fate!

What do you enjoy in life?

I like to enjoy essential things in life. Feed me with simple pleasures, encounters, travels, sharing. But also defend causes!

Short story, I gathered all these ingredients last October when I went to do a humanitarian rally in the Moroccan desert with one of my best friends. An incredible experience, full of unlikely encounters and a test of self-overcoming at all levels.

The more we move on in life, the more we find what suits us!

You hold two positions currently in the agency, why is that?

My will and Armand Faure’s will is that I become a good right hand!

Indeed, my role must be transversal, I must be able to understand and master each unit of the agency, and that from business to production. For this, it seemed ideal to me that I start with a double hats. So, on one hand I support Frédérique Trouvé and the sales team and on the other hand I support Armand on a daily basis in monitoring and optimizing the agency's overall processes.

What do you think is the main asset of an account manager?

Faithful to my personal commitments, listening is the cement of all relationships. Convinced that AutoWebbb is able to think, design and produce any subject of communication, the main thing is to perceive, detect the main and hidden needs of our prospects and customers. Also, reactivity seems to me to be another major subject when we offer solutions in terms of communication, especially when it comes to events and sports.