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Agency Life

Frederique Trouve - Director of customer relations
October 23, 2019

My professional career?

Born in the north of France, I came to Bordeaux at 17 years old. Sport allowed me to integrate and perform my first actions as a member of the pro volleyball club. It’s at this time that I decided to focus my studies towards sport. I started with a degree of private law in Bordeaux IV then a second master in Law and Sports Economy at the University of Limoges.
With the distinction is the pocket, I started my career at the FIA in 2000 in Geneva and took responsibilities for the Sport Cars Department on tracks for closed cars (GT, Tourism, endurance, trucks etc). The FIA, acting well beyond the competition, I then move quickly towards major projects related to the international development of motorsport and for the support of the 141 National Sports Associations affiliated.

During 19 years, firstly under the presidency of Max Mosley and then Jean Todt, I had the opportunity to collaborate with many elected representatives from all over the world, promoters / organizers, teams, drivers or MotorSport industrials. I have started and developed exciting projects such as the Women and Motorsport Commission, the “global training program” for the associations, the Regional Convention or the launch of the 1st “FIA Sport Conference Week”; and I keep in mind the beautiful encounters of inspiring women and men such as Michèle Mouton, Susie Wolff, Richard Mille, Sir Lindsay Owen Jones, Graham Stoker, Charlie Whiting, Gérard Neveu, Stéphane Ratel and even more.

Based in Bordeaux again, for few months, I did a very nice meeting, I met Armand ! He's offering me to join the agency. And here I am, customer manager with the young and talented team of Autowebbb since October... Ready for a great adventure with my new company FTR consulting. Thanks to Armand, Nathan and the team for your warm welcome. To be continued ...


My personal challenge when I arrived at Autowebbb?

Bring my vision, experience and energy to the team, to make it the major agency in MotorSport.

My connection to cars and motorsport?

Even if nothing would lead me to evolve in this environment, it's a combination of several elements.

My godfather, executive at Mercedes, gave me the taste of beautiful cars from childhood.

The practice of sport in competition, has made my sensitivity for performance and thrills.

And of course, my job, meetings with the actors of the motorsport who welcomed me and shared their passion on the tracks all over the world, and the sound of engines at the start of the race, for my greatest happiness.


What do I love in life?

Share, human relationships, because finally it's all about meetings, desired or unexpected, with people near whom we will face challenges of all kinds and share moments of strong emotions, unforgettable.


The most important thing for a customer manager towards customers?

An attentive listening. Support and advice as close to their requirements and of course, deliver work of impeccable quality within time.

My challenge : to be with each of the customers at 100% whatever the level of request it was at the start and make Autowebbb their DNA.