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Agency Life

Julien - Artistic Director
January 21, 2019

Today, AutoWebbb chooses to highlight a specific job: artistic director. Julien explains us what his job is about and what motorsport means to him.


Hi Julien! Let’s start with this: can you explain what your background is in a few words?

Hi! I grew up in Reims and I came to Bordeaux four years ago to study graphic design, which I’ve been passionate about since I was young. I joined AutoWebbb in 2015 as an intern during my first year as a design student and three years and a half later, I now work here as an employee.


Can you talk to us about the specificities of your job?

At some point of its development, every project eventually ends up in the graphic pole, which I manage with my collaborator Nathalie and Armand’s supervision. We handle all requests, whether it’s print or web design, by trying to deliver something new every time and by respecting the identity that makes every customer unique. Motorsport is a very specific area and communications can very easily look a like, so we have to always think about how can we make every project different and how we can give it something original, especially since we have many different projects in our hands every day: it can go from the creation of a young driver’s website to the design of a championship’s poster, for instance.


Are you originally a motorsport fan?

I wasn’t a motorsport fan before joining AutoWebbb and I actually didn’t know much about it. I’ve learnt a lot since then but I’m still no expert. I think that helps me bring a fresh point of view in what I create and kind of move away from traditional motorsport rules when it comes to design. So me not being from that environment may eventually be a good thing!


What do you like about your job?

Like I said, not being a motorsport expert and having other influences makes me want to create things that are different, and the agency has that same vision so we definitely go in that same direction as a team. Also, a nice car is a very interesting subject with great design potential, it offers so many possibilities to express one’s creativity. So, even if we almost only have projects that relate to motorsport and even though it’s a very specific area, you never really get bored.


Thank you Julien, and happy new year !

You’re welcome, happy new year to you too!



“When I recruited Julien and most people in our team, I decided to give more importance to the actual skills than to how much he knew about the market. In motorsport as in many other micro-markets, whether it’s about design or communication in general, many of the pre-requirements eventually get acquired along the way. Which is why I thought it was necessary to find people like Julien, who always stays in touch with the latest design trends and wants to create things differently. Our artistic directions are coherent with our time rather than with a specific market.”

Armand Faure – Director General Associate of AutoWebbb