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March 09, 2017

Have you heard about our latest idea? Well, it’s not exactly what one would call an ‘idea’ but more like an observation! A driver’s communication has become a central piece when prospecting for new partners and a great majority of drivers are getting more and more aware of this.

On the other hand, the communication budget, even though viewed as crucial by drivers, is way too often overlooked or sometimes not even taken into consideration at all… It then becomes a financial issue, which ultimately convinced us that we had to create a new offer: that’s how the HUB DRIVER was born!


The idea was to create a very complete solution allowing any driver to have a high-quality website that would give them the opportunity to communicate on a professional level. We had to design a platform perfectly adaptable to any driver’ needs as an interconnection with social media.

The website includes the following pages :

_Slider + next meeting highlight
_About the driver
_Championship (general information and calendar + LIVE Timing frame + live video link + rankings)
_Car (technical specifications of the car + photo and/or video highlights)
_Partners (logo carousel with links)
_Contact (contact form)
_News module synchronized with driver’s social media (latest Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts displayed)

Exemple of a website using our HUB DRIVER technology : www.axel-francois.com


The HUB DRIVER can now be purchased for €890 (excluding taxes) and can be delivered within 10 business days.


You can also call us at +33 9 83 49 82 69.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!