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Live Meeting by AutoWebbb
May 19, 2019

LIVE communication and video are the two strong trends of the fan experience. Our goal is to offer a 100% outsourced but 100% integrated communication service. For this, we train all our operators, supervise and moderate all the communication, work with the best photographers and videographers and ensure the link between team, partners and championship.


As part of our LIVE communication solutions, we are committed to administering and answer to any request in any motorsport meetings.

A member of our Team will support you on the spot all along the meeting tu ensure your digital communication. We take care of animating all your social networks and to create the appropriate content. We set up contests, live interactions, comments moderation and adapt to events in real time.

For the content to be ideal and responsive, we select and manage photographers and / or videographers. We write the specifications to have the optimal result, we moderate the snapshots and administer a reactive setting on a shared cloud space as you wish (Team, drivers, partners...).

In addition to these operational services on meetings, we ensure the link with the various external partners of the structure and work in synergy to optimize the communication. At the end of the meeting, we write your press releases (French and / or English), integrate them on a high-end mailer and send it to our and / or your press database.

Each need is unique, we will take care to create the best offer for you.
Let’s make contact and prepare your next meeting together!

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone at +33 9 83 49 82 69 or Natacha BERTHE by phone at +33 6 61 22 85 04 or by email natacha@autowebbb.com.