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Agency Life

Nathalie - Artisitic Director
June 13, 2019

Today, AutoWebbb wants to highlight its Artistic Director, Nathalie, who talks about the specificities of his job and what his work at AutoWebbb consists in!



Can you tell us about your career?

I started my career as an autodidact, I originally worked in sales. I began to study web design and computer graphics and then specialize in projects more focused on Print. When I discovered the creative possibilities they offered, I decided to make it my job. It allows me to imagine, to create visuals for all types of media from the simple Facebook publication to larger printing format, that I have the pleasure to achieve for 2 years in the agency Autowebbb.



What is a typical day for you?

First to get a coffee, because you have to be in good condition to be creative [laughs].
Afterwards, it's hard for me to describe a typical day, because the tasks are so many and diverse, from thinking, to design, to production. We try to do best with my colleague Julien to process all the projects of the agency with quality for each client.

It is also important for me to do some watch. A good graphic watch is to analyze trends, but also to understand and learn new things, in order to suggest original and up-to-date creations. Everything changes, we must follow the movement by seeking to go further. Like a musician who listens to music by breaking down each instrument in his head (This is the guitarist who is in me who speaks [laughs]). And it is not necessary to have a screen for that, just to look closely at the world around us.



What is your best memory with the agency?

It's simple, it was not so long ago for my birthday when on that day, there were tests for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and I had the joy of discovering a short video of one of the pilots who wished me my birthday. Although he does not really know who I am but I was like a fangirl [laughing]. There was also the next day when everyone at the agency had organized a little snack. It really made me happy! Again, thank you all for this delicate attention.



What is your connection to motorsport, what do you like in life?

None [Laughs], I arrived in Motorsport by pure coincidence, but I admit that I take a lot of pleasure in this area and I think it allows me to have a broader vision. Because even if I start to know the "racing" code I make sure to always bring my graphic vision. So sometimes it goes, sometimes no, that's my job too. Because at the start I am rather graphically speaking, oriented towards the Japanese culture of which I am a fan and that's what I try to highlight in my creations. Modernizing while keeping the traditional codes is that what fascinates me in this culture and that I try to transcribe.
Just as I also like playing guitar to clear my head.



What is most important for an artistic director toward its clients?

The most important thing for me is to best interpret the needs to meet the customer's demand, there is no better reward for me than the satisfaction of a customer, happy with the work done for him.