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Agency Life

Pierre-Etienne - Production Director
March 31, 2019

This month, AutoWebbb wants to highlight its Production Director, Pierre-Etienne, who talks about the specificities of his job and what his work at AutoWebbb consists in!


Can you talk about your background briefly?

I moved in Bordeaux six years ago and I wrapped up my degree’s final project after a ‘DUT Tech de Co’ in digital marketing and digital transformation by specializing in a bachelor’s - and later master’s - degree in web business. I also worked freelance while studying. I joined AutoWebbb in January 2018, which was my first experience in a 360-degree agency.


What’s your typical day at work like?

A typical day for a production director or project manager can actually be a lot of different things. Every project goes through me at one point or another. Which is why an excellent knowledge of every project we work on and good communication skills are absolutely required to be able to manage every single task. I don’t only manage several projects at once, but also different teams and ressources, in order to respect customers’ specifications and deadlines, but more importantly to meet the expected quality of every project developed within our agency.


Did you have any affinity for motorsports prior to working for AutoWebbb? What are your hobbies?

I actually didn’t have any particular affinity for motorsports except for that time I did motocross for several weeks as a kid and I remember it being very expensive (laughs). Apart from that, I do like mechanics and the beautiful shapes of a car body. I find the field we are specialized in to be fascinating and I learn a lot every day, which is a side of the job I love and need. When I’m off Slack or Trello, I’m passionate about many different things: I love music, hockey (ice and inline hockey) which I play in competitions. I’m also interested in arts, gastronomy, history, design and science in general, scuba-diving, travelling, and the list goes on…


What’s the mort important thing for you as a project manager when it comes to the agency’s customers?

Several qualities and values are necessary: listening carefully to a customer’s requests, having a great capacity to adapt to every situation we have to deal with daily. Being rigorous and well-organized are key to successfully doing the job. But more importantly, you have to remain passionate, keep a positive mindset and keep striving to be better. To be as efficient as possible everyday, you also have to stay in touch with the latest technologies and stay alert as our job keeps evolving daily.