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Hear about our ambitious lineup for 2018 !
February 15, 2018

After five years of communication spent by the sides of top people working in the motorsport industry (read more here), AutoWebbb is taking some time to look back on its achievements and is offering you an insight into what’s next.
In order to position ourselves as a top motorsport agency, we’ve improved and upgraded our services every year in order to now call ourselves a full 360-degree agency.


Our resolutions 2018 are simple

- Keep improving our design studio and develop tight collaboration with various artists.

- Develop our LIVE communication services and offer a distance or on-meeting social media operation anywhere in the world.

- Create a photo-video production entity, which will be working on the main European and French meetings.

- Develop an entity dedicated to brands. We want to be able to offer high-quality sponsoring, manage relevant activations and organize ‘motorsport experiences’.


For these resolutions to happen, we deciced to make our team grow

In 2018, our quality of work took a turn for the better when four passionate experts joined us. Expert event-planner Florian BOMPAS, whose past professional experiences include working with SRO and Renault Sport, is currently the president and organizer of the Super VW Fest, the biggest event of French vintage VOLKSWAGEN cars. Florien BOMPAS has joined us as an Event Manager and will be in charge of coordinating events for specific brands. Julien LEPEIGNEUL is now our Director of Video Creation and will be sharing his rich experience and unique artistic style with us. Finally, Eric FABRE will bring his expertise and 20 years of experience spent on pitlanes all around the world to this newly created photo-video production entity.

Meanwhile, the agency is still ran by Armand FAURE, AutoWebbb’s associate, founder and Director of Creation. Nathan GUIGUI, agency’s president, is in charge of all the financial and administrative aspect while managing the development of a sponsoring/experience entity catering to brands from 2018 onwards.

Gérald FAURE still works as our strategy advisor and is in charge of the technical team, making decisions regarding the best web technologies and solutions to use for our clients.

Baptiste BOUYRAT manages our clients’ global communication on a daily basis, but also supervises every client’s social media activity while working as a French-English bilingual editor for the publication of press releases at specific dates and times. Baptiste also manages the LIVE communication team.

Our Project Manager Alice PINEY coordinates every production step happening in the design studio. Branding, print/web design, social media or even agency projects- she manages it all! Currently on maternity leave, Alice is being replaced by Pierre-Etienne MONREAL, as our ambition is to keep both production directors at the end of the year thanks to our agency’s commercial development. 

Our design studio also counts two art directors: Julien KUENTZ and Nathalie IDJA, who have two different styles but two very creative personalities. Every production is handled by our Project Managers and needs validation from our Director of Creation Armand FAURE.

And last but definitely not least, Natacha BERTHE works an advisor and helps our customers determine their ideal communication campaigns. As the main bridge between the customers and our studio, Natacha studies every project very carefully to fully understand them. You can request an audit from her right here.


“ Our team has grown and I am extremely happy to have these new collaborators. It was very important to us to be able to offer the most complete service possible, I can confidently say we’re almost there. Our agency’s energy will be felt in every sponsoring plan, every company meeting, and even every team building experience that we will plan by your side. Our common goal and my personal wish for 2018 is to create events that bring people together and offer relevant sponsoring activations that fall in line with the values of motorsport! ”  



“ Passion is what drives my whole team. Every one of them, whether they are employees or freelance workers, has chosen to give their best for the agency and our customers. It is thrilling to coordinate this variety of skills on a daily basis. As the market changes, social media is transforming, video is becoming key, and customers’ needs are always changing. Which is why I have chosen to adjust our services by creating a video-photo production entity exclusively dedicated to brands and ran by my associate Nathan GUIGUI. I want motorsport to convey values such as performance and the passion of being challenged, which is why I want our specialized services to cater to as many people as possible.”  

Armand FAURE