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Agency Life

A new person on the AutoWebbb's grid
March 07, 2019

As every year we welcome a new trainee in our agency, eager to share our same passion. This is the case of Louis who tells us about his career and his interest to motorsport.


"Hello! I come from the East of France, from a small valley village in Alsace, to be more accurate. I’ve always been passionate about multimedia, so when I got the opportunity to study it after I graduated from high school, I took it and I moved to Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

I haven’t really specialized in one subject during my degree, which allowed me to be versatile and understand every aspect of a project. This particularity is what made me want to become a web project manager, which is the position I’m currently developing at AutoWebbb.

Unlike most members of the team, I love motorsports. Both my parents were drivers, so I always have. My lack of interest when I was younger now makes me kind of regret not going into karting and not investing myself to take that route. Fortunately, I found other ways to bring me that level of satisfaction, and I’ve been a photographer and video maker for some time. Eventually, I’ve come to believe that things are better off now!

I joined AutoWebbb and settled in Bordeaux for several reasons, both personal and professional, but my primary goal was to gain experience by joining a communication agency. I knew I would get to work with customers that are related to motorsports and that would allow me to keep an eye on the competitions I’m interested in, while also sharpening my professionalism in this environment! It’s also how I heard about Autowebbb: I saw them at different competitions and seeing their work made me want to grow among them. Here, not everyone is a motorsports expert, but we do talk about championships, drivers and competitions all day long, which would not have been possible anywhere else, and I love that!

AutoWebbb’s future is similar to that of motorsport, which means it’s bound to transform and evolve with time. Currently, my goal is to help the different operators of motorsport get better when it comes to their communication and multimedia contents. Many of them actually try to keep up as it’s an inevitable trend and it’s exactly what we work on a daily basis with AutoWebbb. The next few months will be intense for us because many different operators and companies are being created or are still developing, and AutoWebbb is there to help their structure, marketing and communication grow.

What’s next for certain is that I will keep trying to give my knowledge and my experience to improve the team’s work dynamics and try to develop new skills for my own future!"